Steam engines hold a peculiar fascination. For me, the technical details of the mechanism are the real attraction. Others like the aesthetics of steam locomotives, or simply recognise the central place that steam driven technology has in the first two centuries of the industrial revolution.

My current intersts centre around small scale live steam locomotives; ones that are small enough to be made in my workshop but which still embody the principles of the full size version (which basically means they use a forced draught multi-tube boiler). Gauge 1 (roughly 1:32 or 10mm to the foot scale) is big enough to allow such designs, whilst still being manageable for somebody like me with only a small workshop.

Gauge 1 Model Railway Association's Surrey Group: information about Gauge 1 modelling in Surrey.

The Surrey Signal: newsletters for the G1MRA Surrey group

The Ashford High Line: my garden Gauge 1 test track which is designed to float out across the flowers

Aladdin: an O gauge live steam design published in the early 1950's.

My Gauge 1 engines and stock.

Buckjumpers: information about andphotographs of the Holden tank engines that powered the GER suburban services.

Mainline steam: places to find out about, and watch, steam trips on the UK mainline.

The Bromley North branch: some ephemera and an article about a short suburban branch line in South London.

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