Department of Computer Science

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Monday 22 June

11:00-12:15 Check-in with Customer Services at the Hub
12:15-12:45Meet at Moore Annexe
12:45-13:30Lunch at the Moore Annexe
Session 1Chair: EunJung Kim
13:30-13:35Welcome talk by Dr. Adrian Johnstone
13:35-14:35Dr, Anders Yeo: Transversals in Hypergraphs, Total Domication in Graphs and Other Related Problems
14:40-15:00Arezou Soleimanfallah: A new kernel of size 2k-c for the Vertex Cover problem
15:00-15:30Tea and Coffee
Session 2Chair: Ryan Davies
15:30-15:50Linzy Phillips: Encoding Information in a Sudoku Grid
15:50-16:10Sian Jones: Unavoidable Sets in Sudoku and Quasi-Magic Sudoku Grids
16:10-16:30Niema Aboluion: Construction of DNA codes
Session 3Chair:Emil Vaughan
16:45-17:45Prof. Andrew G. Thomason: 2-Coloured Graphs, Multigraphs and Hereditary Properties
18:00-Dinner and drinks at the Founder's Building - SCR

Tuesday 23 June

07:30-08:59Breakfast at the Hub
Session 4Chair: Matthew White
09:30-10:30Prof. Dave Cohen: Arrow's Theorem Showing That There is No Fair Voting System
10:30-11:00Tea and Coffee
Session 5Chair: Manuela Heurer
11:10-11:30Tony Forbes: Eleven billion STS(19)s
11:30-11:50Costas Psomas: Biembeddings of Steiner tiple systems using the Bose construction
11:50-12:10Matthew White: 2-Factors in Hamiltonian Graphs
12:45-13:30Lunch at the Moore Annexe
Session 6Chair: Sian Jones
13:50-14:50Prof. Derek Smith: Old and New Problems in Coding Theory
15:00-16:30Tea and Coffee
Session 7Chair:Linzy Phillips
16:45-17:05EunJung Kim: Algorithms for Finding k-Vertex Out-trees and its Application to k-Internal Out-branching Problem
17:05-17:25Daniel Karapetyan: A Memetic Algorithm for Multidimensional Assignment Problem
17:25-17:45John Faben: Reducing Graphs by Involutions
19:00-Conference dinner at the Founder's Building - SCR

Wednesday 24 June

07:30-08:59Breakfast at The Hub
Session 8Chair: Arezou Soleimanfallah
09:05-10:05Dr. Angela Koller: Graph Theory in Industry
10:05-11:00Goodbye Tea and Coffee

The programme booklet can now be downloaded from here. A printed copy of the programme will be available at the conference.