UK Single Ticket Map

0. The prices shown are the cheapest single available with the railcard discount.
1. This does not mean that getting the tickets for these prices is easy. However, for some routes it is not hard at all and for others I nearly always managed to find something only slightly more expensive.
2. The map is not fair in a sense that it does not care about the return tickets at all, whereas for some closer destinations super-offpeak return tickets are almost the same price as single ones.
3. Motivating example was the following:
Egham - Reading single is 5.85
but Egham - Swindon advance single (including change at Reading) could be 3.30...
4. The map does not include extremely cheap tickets.
5. Advance singles could be very weird. Swindon - Egham could be as cheap as 3.30. Normally this is just with 1 change at Reading. but for the overnight train they allow you to go all the way to Paddington and then back to Egham in the morning, all for just 3.30!

UPDATE: This 21-page(at the moment) thread shows the controversial nature of advance tickets. Be aware :)

Todo: add all the stations, make additional layer with the bigger ones.

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