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This is the documentation of gfam, a Python module to aid the automatic annotation of gene families based on consensus domain architecture, written by Tamás Nepusz.

GFam is free and open-source. If you use GFam in your research, please cite the corresponding publication as follows:

Sasidharan R, Nepusz T, Swarbreck D, Huala E and Paccanaro A:
GFam: a platform for automatic annotation of gene families.
Nucleic Acids Research, Advance Access, 2012.

GFam can generally be considered stable. We have used it successfully to annotate the whole genome of Arabidopsis thaliana and Arabidopsis lyrata. Please email the author if you discover any bugs, or feel free to submit a bug report on GitHub.

If you are interested in the latest and greatest (but maybe unstable) version of GFam, you can get it from GitHub - just click on the Download source button on the GitHub page.

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