Stergios Chatzikyriakidis

Post-doctoral research assistant

Department of Computer Science


I'm currently a post-doc at Royal Holloway, working with Zhaohui Luo on the application of type theory with coercive subtyping in Lexical Semantics. I hold a BA in Classics and Linguistics from Aristotle University, an MSc in Computational Linguistics and Formal Grammar and a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics from King's College, London. My basic interests are Formal Syntax/Semantics as well as the interface between the two. I have worked mainly on Greek and dialects of Greek and have published a number of articles on issues like the PCC, Clitic positioning, Clitic Climbing and the Diachronic Development of various Greek clitic systems using the model of Dynamic Syntax (Kempson et al., 2001; Cann et al., 2005). At the moment I'm looking in ways that a number of traditional problems in formal semantic theory, like e.g. co-predication, the semantics of adjectives, can be dealt with by using TT with coercive subtyping. I'm a member of the Type Theory and Applications Research Group based at Royal Holloway.

Selected Publications

Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios, 2012. A Dynamic Account of the Cypriot Greek Clitic Positioning system. To appear in Lingua.

Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios & Kempson, Ruth, 2011b. Standard Modern and Pontic Greek Person Restrictions: A feature-free Dynamic Account. Journal of Greek Linguistics 11(2): 127-166

Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios, 2011a. A Dynamic Account of Clitic Climbing. In: Kempson R., & Gregoromichelaki, E. (eds), The Dynamics of Lexical Interfaces. CSLI publications.

Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios, 2009. Clitics in Grecia Salentina Greek : A Dynamic account, Lingua, 119: 1939-1968. Elsevier Publishing