How my lab works & current collaborations -- brief description


In my lab we work with most of the types of data produced through modern biological experimental techniques.


The goal of our research is to answer real questions in Systems Biology and Medicine. Therefore our work is often part of a multi-disciplinary team effort that includes practical, experimental collaborations. Team participation is a key feature of the group. Often experimental biologists and clinician scientists help us to identify important biological questions, validate our models and provide useful feedback to improve their predictive power.


Finally, we implement software tools that allow biologists and clinicians to easily use the methods that we develop.

At Royal Holloway we are affiliated with the Centre for Sytems and Synthetic Biology (web page coming soon) and we collaborate with several labs in the School of Biological Sciences, including the labs of
Laci Bogre and Alessandra Devoto, Enrique Lopez, Paul Devlin and Mark Brown.


We also collaborate with several other groups, in particular: Anthony Uren and Paul Matthews at Imperial College; Mark Gerstein at Yale University; Andrew Emili at the University of Toronto; Olof Emanuelsson at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; Albrecht von Armin at the University of Tennessee;  Haiyuan Yu, at Cornell University; Deyou Zheng, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.