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Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

22-24 June, 2009

The Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference (PCC) is an established annual conference organised by, and for, current research students in all areas of combinatorial and discrete mathematics, under the auspices of the British Combinatorial Committee. The PCC is mainly aimed at UK-based students, but also open to those from abroad.

The aim of the conference is to allow research students to meet and discuss their research in a relaxed environment, to gain practice at presenting their research outside of their own department, and to meet pre-eminent researchers in their area. Although this is not obligatory, each student is encouraged to contribute by giving a talk which will last 20 minutes (including 5 minutes question and answer time).

Topic which have been covered in the past include but are not limited to:
  • graph theory
  • enumerative combinatorics
  • design theory
  • coding theory
  • cryptography
  • partial orders
  • extremal set theory
  • theoretical computer science and model theory
  • extremal combinatorics
  • algebraic combinatorics
  • algorithms and complexity
  • combinatorial optimisation
In addition to the talks contributed by students, the schedule will also include five one-hour talks from invited speakers.

Prof. Andrew G. Thomason. Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England
Talk title: 2-coloured graphs, multigraphs and hereditary properties

Prof. Dave Cohen. Department of Computer Science, Royal Holloway University of London, England
Talk title: Arrow's theorem showing that there is no fair voting system

Dr. Anders Yeo. Department of Computer Science, Royal Holloway University of London, England.
Talk title: Transversals in hypergraphs, total domination in graphs and other related problems

Prof. Derek Smith. Faculty of Advanced Technology, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, Wales.
Talk title:Old and new problems in coding theory

Dr. Angela Koller. Speaker from industry.
Talk title: Graph Theory in Industry

The 2009 conference is the 20th Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference and it is being held at Royal Holloway, University of London. The event is hosted by the Department of Computer Science and is sponsored by the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the British Combinatorial Committee (BCC). The organisers are Arezou Soleimanfallah and Eun Jung Kim (local organisers) and Sian Jones.

Please note that the deadline for registration is 8 June 2009. To register for the conference please click here.