The function of this page is to provide links to relevant websites and to Maltab code used for the pre-processing and analysis of proteomics mass spectra data.


MRC project website


System documentation (pilot study)


A system for pre-processing sets of mass spectra data is given here. To run simply call GOSASGO.m with the location of the files to be processed followed by the location that you wish the pre-processed files to be saved (i.e.:GOSASGO(raw_data_path, processed_data_path) ). See the documentation above for details on how to change parameters etc.:

Matlab preprocessing system (zip)

The Matlab code above has the following requirements: Minimum of Matlab release R2006a or a more recent version. The system uses a function: msresample from the Bioinformatics toolbox, if you do not have this function then comment out the call to this function in the proc_spec.m function, and add the line: Xs=X below the commented out section. If you have any problem do not hesitate to email me.

The project's pilot study code is located below, this includes functions for analysis of triplets and classification under the triplet setting, see the documentation above for more details:

Pilot study Matlab system (zip)


Pilot study data (zip)

Parameter files:

UCL processing parameters (OC/BC/HD) (txt)

Reading processing parameters (OC/BC/HD) (txt)