Brian Burford, list of publications and posters presented at conferences.

Conference Papers:

  • B.Burford. The K29* algorithm for linear prediction. Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition (MLDM 2007).
  • B.Burford. Direct calculation of predictions for K29/K29*. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (2007).


  • A.Gammerman, V.Vovk, B.Burford, I.Nouretdinov, Z.Lou, A.Chervonenkis, M.Waterfield, R.Cramer, P.Tempst, J.Villanueva, J.Timms, M.Kabir, S.Camuzeaux, U.Menon and
    I.Jacobs. Serum proteomic abnormality predating screen detection of
    ovarian cancer. The Computer Journal (2008).
  • A.Gammerman, I,NouretdinovB.Burford, A.Chervonenkis, V.Vovk, Z.Luo. Clinical Mass Spectrometry Proteomic Diagnosis by Conformal Predictors. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Special Issue: Competition on Clinical Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomic Diagnosis.



  • B.Burford. The K29* algorithm for linear prediction. Presented at Machine learning and data mining conference (MLDM), 2007.
  • A.Gammerman, Z.Luo, I.Nouretdinov, B.Burford, V.Vovk, A.Chervonenkis, M.Waterfield, M.Kabir, J.Timms, U.Menon, A.Rosenthal and Ian J Jacobs. Proteome pattern diagnostic with serial data. Meeting of the Institute for Women's health (IfWH), 2007.
  • B.Burford, I.Nouretdinov , Z.Luo and A.Gammerman. Machine learning and preprocessing techniques for early detection of ovarian cancer. Meeting of the Institute for Women's health (IfWH), 2008.