”Luck is probability taken personally” — Penn and Teller

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I am currently a PhD student in the Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology at Royal Holloway, University of London. I am supervised by Dr Paul Devlin in the Biological Sciences Department and Dr Alberto Paccanaro in the Computer Science Department. My research focuses on delineating the higher order structure of cis regulatory module driving the plant circadian clock using in silico methods. Additionally, taking the opportunity of “omics” data is currently a conditio sine qua non for researchers. The availability of terabases of "omics" data allows for examination of modules at a unprecedented level in a high throughput manner addressing heretofore unapproachable problems. Machine learning seems to be the fundamental driver of progress in this context. The complexity of circdian circuitry coupled with rhythmic predictability make computational approaches particularly suitable for circadian biology. Overview of my PhD work can be found here.

My previous work

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