Ha's homepage

Bui Viet Ha.

Department of computer science, Royal Holloway college, University of London

Egham, Surrey. TW20 0EX

Email: haviet@cs.rhul.ac.uk

I am a first year postgraduate student under supervising of professor Zhaohui Luo.

Interests (in general)

Type theory and its applications. My current projects are understanding coercive subtyping and its applications.

Functional programming languages.

Outside theoretical computer science interest, I am also noticed in additive combinatorics and number theory.


Before coming to RHUL, I was a master student at department of Computer science, Chalmers university . I wrote my thesis under supervising of Prof.Peter Dybjer and Dr. Wouter Swierstra. I really indept Chalmers for their hospitality and friendly research environment where I had a first time to know about type theory, and several other research topics in computer science.

I studied bachelor degree at The university of New South Wales. My major in here was computer science. However, I also gained another mathematical degree in 3 years period of studying.

Before coming to Australia to study computer science, I won bronze medals in International mathematics olympiad (IMO) 2000 and APMO 2001. I was also a member of examining commitee of IMO 2007. I am not so happy with my results. However, I accepted it due to my laziness.


Sigh seeing, Cooking, Organizing activities.