Gregory Z. Gutin, June 25th, 2010

G. Gutin, Establishing Complexity of Problems Parameterized Above Average. Cambridge, Oxford, Tel Aviv and RHUL (March-June, 2010)    pdf-file

G. Gutin, Polynomial-size Kernels for Problems Parameterized Above Tight Lower Bounds. Federicia, November, 2009.    pdf-file

G. Gutin, Out-branchings with Extremal Number of Leaves. Beer Sheva and Tel Aviv (April, 2008)    pdf-file

G. Gutin, Introduction to the min cost homomorphism problem for undirected and directed graphs. Tel Aviv (November, 2006) and Bangalore (December, 2006)    powerpoint

G. Gutin, Worst Case Analysis of Greedy, Max-Regret and Other Heuristics for Multidimensional Assignment and Traveling Salesman Problems. Zurich and Bergen (September, 2006)    pdf-file

G. Gutin, Parameterized Complexity for Graph Linear Arrangement Problems. Tel Aviv (January, 2006) and Rome (May, 2006)    pdf-file

G. Gutin, Level of Repair Analysis and Minimum Cost Homomorphisms of Graphs. Nottingham (March, 2005)    powerpoint

G. Gutin, Some applications of graph theory, combinatorics and number theory in logistics and quantum mechanics. Royal Holloway (Nov., 2004), LSE (Jan., 2005)    powerpoint