Research Grants & Awards

Professor Gregory Gutin

EPSRC Grant for 2013/2016, 744.4 K (applications of parameterized algorithmics in information security (access control)) 

Royal Society International Joint Grant (with IMSc, Chennai, India) for 2010/2012, 11.9 K (preprocessing using parameterized algorithmics) 

EPSRC Grant for 2007/2010, 403 K (parameterized algorithms for digraphs) 

Royal Society Grant for 2006, 1 K (travel to a conference) 

Leverhulme Grant for 2003/2005, 71.7 K (domination analysis for discrete optimization problems) 

EPSRC Grant for 2000/2003, 57 K (domination analysis for combinatorial optimization problems)

Nuffield Foundation Grant for 1998/2000, 2.6 K (exponential neighborhoods)

Brunel University Grant (BRIEF) for 1997/1998, 10 K

Kirkman medal of Institute of Combinatorics and Applications (1996)