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Martin J. Green

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About Me...

I am a Research Assistant in the Constraints Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. My research interests lie in the theory of Constraint Satisfaction. I work very closely with Prof. David Cohen, a leading researcher in the theory of Constraint Satisfaction. In particular, I am interested in the tractability of Constraint Satisfaction Problems, specifically looking for new tractable subproblems and explaining the tractability of existing ones.

We have started to consider reductions to relational tractability. Such reductions were previously only considered for structural subproblems and have yielded many large tractable subproblems. It is these reductions, or decompositions, that make structural tractability useful in a practical environment. We hope that our research might begin to make relational tractability practically useful in a similar way.

We are currently working in the area of hybrid tractability, where subproblems are not tractable for any known structural or relational reason but are in fact tractable due to a combination of structure and language. We are aiming to identify structural and relational subproblems that remain tractable after combining instances from them in specific ways.

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