Current position

Name: Anders Yeo
Position: Senior Research Fellow
Employment: The Department of Mathematics at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

A. Yeo's Research Interests

I was a Ph.D. student at Odense University until the spring of 1998. I now hold a full-time research position at the University of Johannesburg, although I live in SIngapore. My main area's of interest are graph theory, algorithms, computational complexity, combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, operational research and probability.

In graph theory I have mostly been looking at directed graphs, especially semicomplete multipartite digraphs, and edge coloured graphs. Recently I have also been looking at the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). Combinatorics I find both very interesting and useful in many cases. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to study this area in depth.

I have quite a few algorithmic results on digraphs. Some of these give polynomial algorithms for finding certain cycles in semicomplete multipartite digraphs and semicomplete bipartite digraphs. Others are related to the TSP. I have also had several results showing the NP-completeness of problems.

Recently I have done a lot of work in the area of fixed parameter tractibilty and on total domination in graphs and transversals in hypergraphs.

A very short CV for A. Yeo

          Sep 1989 Started at Odense University
Jul 1992 Obtained Bachelor degree
Sep 1993 Started on PhD degree
Sep 1994 Leave (in order to play Squash), for half a year
Mar 1996 Obtained Masters degree
Mar 1998 Handed in Ph.D. thesis
Mar 1998 Research assistent at Odense University (half a year)
Jun 1998 Defended Ph.D. thesis
Sep 1998 Post.Doc. at University of Victoria
Sep 1999 Post.Doc. at Aarhus University
Sep 2001 Lecture position at Royal Holloway, London
Mar 2003 Promoted to Reader at Royal Holloway, London
Feb 2012 Senior Research Fellow at University of Johannesburg, S.A.

A. Yeo's projects

Bachelor Project Optimalt Spil i Black-Jack   (in danish) ps-file
Qualifying Exam
(i.e. for masters degree)
Cycles in Semicomplete Multipartite Digraphs ps-file
Ph.D. Thesis Semicomplete Multipartite Digraphs

The first 45 pages (the thesis, without appendix D)
Pages 46 to 291 (appendix D)

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