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Surrey Group gallery — click images to enlarge

Alan England and Adrian Johnstone (foreground) about to set fire to a brace of Aster GER tank engines
Mike Bland's Aster Mallard overhauls a Project at Sutton
Mike Bland's electric Jinty on his own track
Tony Hall-Patch monitors his engine at Mike Bland's
Mike and Christine Bland
Paul Harding (half out of shot), Martin Hulse, Peter Jakman and Peter Howland (L-R)
Alan England (L) and Tony Alderman
Alan England, Richard Burkett and Bob Boorman on a cold day at Peter Howland's
Martin Hulse with Micahel Wrotesley in the background
Tony Cook and Mike Bland
Peter Jackman (L) and Michael Wrottesley
Tony Rest
Ieuan Lewis, Alan England and Peter Jackman (L-R)
Richard Burkett and Tony Cook
Adrian Johnstone's Chingford Express rounds a slightly out-of-scale tree in the bucolic (though urban) setting of Michael Wrottesley's line
Elizabeth Scott and Mike Wrottesley
John Gates
Brian Hughes at Ken Lowes' track
Peter Jackman attends to his Aster King; Richard Burkett in the background
Alan England, Adrian Johnstone and Elizabeth Scott (L-R)
Peter Howland's Jones Goods, built by the owner
Michael Wrottesley with Aster Jumbo
Peter McCabe's BR 9F 'Evening Star': built by Peter and gas-fired
Close-up of 'Evening Star'
Tony Hall-Patch, Michael Wrottesley and Martin Hulse
Tony Hall-Patch and Michael Wrottesley
Peter McCabe fuelling
Alec Henniker's LMS 'Black Five' appears to have acquired an Aster 'Jumbo' tender
Alec Henniker and Peter McCabe
Michael Wrottesley's famous Jackson-built Caley locomotive
Bob Boorman prepares a vintage G1 locomotive
Peter McCabe prepares his Crew Passenger locomotive

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